August Featured Product – Flexigas Pipe & Fittings


In a new monthly “Featured Product” we will be looking a little deeper into the features and benefits of specific products within the B-Hive Supplies portfolio. Hopefully, this can help our prospective and existing clients further understand the technologies and better determine which products are right for them and their projects.

The inaugural featured product is our Flexigas semi-ridged gas pipe and fittings. New to the UK market in terms of it’s branding, this type of product has been a available here for a number of years now. Brands such as Gastite, Tracpipe and have made large movements to aid the installers and specifiers with flexible gas pipe and fittings. Enabling faster installation in both new build and refurbishment without the need for time consuming braised fittings, many installers use it as a matter of course.

Flexigas logoFlexigas7

During our research into the product before taking it on, our team discovered four main objections to the use of Flexible gas pipe;

1. Many installer insist on using the tried and tested, traditional copper installation simply because they have been doing it that way for years.

2. The specification of the project design simply says that copper is to be used on all gas pipework.

3. The Cost. Up until now the cost to the installer of Flexible gas pipe, as especially the associated fittings, has been prohibitive. Compared to the cost of copper, the capital costs versus time saving benefits just didn’t add up.

4. I can’t get hold of it. As the demand for this type of product increases more and more plumbers & builders merchants will stock the product but for the time being, many places have to order it in.

For those traditionalists insistent on using copper we can only spout the key features and benefits, something outside of our influence will be the only thing that changes their mind on that one. For the specifiers, a greater knowledge of the product, the better marketing of the product, the better sharing of the testing and technology will be the way forward for the manufacturers sales team.

Cost. We agree that the costs of the existing brands in the market has been too high for too long. Whilst Flexible gas pipe is a huge move forward in product technology, it should not be so expensive in the UK market. Flexigas is not expensive by comparison. Copper will always be the main competition but, put simply, Flexigas, when the capital costs versus time saving benefits are recognised by the specifiers and installers is in with a genuine shot.

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