Disman Deck22 Underfloor Heating System – Download

Disman UFH-Deck22 System  <<< Download

We’ve been asked repeatedly for the technical data on the all new Disman Deck22 underfloor heating system.

Great option for joisted floor construction. Get the chippy to lay the boards as per standard deck and then go in and lay the plates and pipe once all the other trades are clear.

Key Advantages…

Ease of installation

Excellent thermal efficiency

Reduced heat losses

Consistent heat distribution

Reaction time reduced

Time & material costs reduced

16mm standard MLC or Pert Pipe

Finished floor is laid directly upon the system

Engineered and laminate can be installed directly upon
the Disman heat diffusion plates using low TOG underlay.
A minimum of 8mm engineered or laminate is required
when laying directly upon the Disman UFH-22 system.
Floor finishes, such as Tiles, Vinyl or Carpet, require the
Disman UFH-22 be covered with a minimum 10mm
cement board, hardy backer type board, or a 6mm WBP
plywood. All board laid upon the Disman UFH-22 system
must be screwed down at 150mm centres.
The Disman UFH-22 system will produce a maximum
output of 70w/m2.


Disman UFH-Deck22 System