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Disman Pro 15 800x600mm Cement Screed Board

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The Disman Pro 15 Panel utilises an 18mm high density solid cement type screed board as a heat conducting surface to transfer the maximum amount of  heat from the 10mm Pipe to the room. It's low build up height and ease of installation means that the 15mm high density dry screed board acts as an incredibly efficient heat conducting surface efficiently transferring heat from the 10mm pipe. 

15mm Solid Cement Screed Boards for use with 10mm pipe.

Ceramic tiles, Slate, Stone etc - Tile/Stone finished floor coverings can be laid directly on top of the overlay boards. The boards must first be primed using Prime IT MSP. The tiles can then be secured on top using a suitable S2 flexible tile adhesive.

Engineered Hardwoods - Engineered hardwood floors can be applied direct to the OVERLAY, as the OVERLAY below provides a structural base and support for the floor above. Care needs to be taken when selecting the thickness of the engineered wood floor. as the thicker the board, the lower the available heat output.

We recommend a maximum thickness of 18mm on top.

Carpet & Underlay -We recommend an intermediate plywood layer of 6mm, to be fitted prior to the laying of the carpet and underlay.

Linoleum & vinyl - When applying a lino and vinyl finish to the OVERLAY, a completely flat surface is required. Typically, a 10mm intermediate dry screed board, or a 10-12mm layer of self-levelling compound can be applied. Using one of these two methods will improve the efficiency of the underfloor heating system.

Please confirm with the floor covering manufacturer that it is suitable for underfloor heating. BS EN 1264 advises that, in occupied areas the floor temperature MUST not exceed 29°C, however; it also states that, when using timber floor coverings then ensure that this surface temperature does not exceed 27°C

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