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Flexigas Reducing Tee

Flexigas Reducing Tee

Flexigas Reducing Tee

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The Flexigas reducing tee compression fittings are made with high quality DR Brass with annealed Copper gaskets for quick and easy connecting of different sizes of Flexigas pipe. The Flexigas system is designed for system performance & security, ease and installation speed, as well as time and money saving on re-furbishments, extension or new-build projects, both commerial and domestic.

Installers must make sure the copper gasket is correctly in place on the seat inside the fitting before making any connections.

Fitting available in the following sizes;
  • FlexiGas DN22xDN15xDN15
  • FlexiGas DN22xDN15xDN22
  • FlexiGas DN22xDN22xDN15
  • FlexiGas DN28xDN22xDN15
  • FlexiGas DN28xDN22xDN22
  • FlexiGas DN32xDN22xDN22 
  • ​FlexiGas DN32xDN28xDN22 

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