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MLCP Multilayer Plumbing & Heating Pipe

Produced by one of Europe's leading pipe manufacturers, our MLCP WRAS approved and 5 Layer Pert product are amongst the most high quality and cost effective pipe solutions available on the UK market place.

Combining German technological manufacturing techniques with an absolute insistence on detail and quality, our supplier now trades worldwide in over 25 countries. Uses include underfloor heating, wall heating, ceiling cooling and traditional and plumbing & heating systems.

Following many years use in the UK market for underfloor heating, multilayer pipe (MLCP) and their associate fittings have now gained a significant percentage of the UK plumbing and heating pipework market. Know for their clean, secure and safe installations as well as incredible performance (10Bar 95Deg), these products offer a genuine alternative to the more traditional copper or plastics products. MLCP offers the benefits of copper in terms of expansion and durability whilst being of little or no scrap value. Fully WRAS approved and available in sizes 16, 20, 25 & 32mm our system has a full range of fittings and adaptors for your project. Available to order, we also have a full range of pre-insulated pipes to further speed up you installation and save money in labour.
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully WRAS approved
  • Ideal for Domestic & Commercial Installations
  • New Build & Replacement Installations
  • Full Range of Adaptors Available
  • Ideal for Traditional and Manifold Plumbing
  • Riser Run Outs, Radiators, Sanitary Hot & Cold Plumbing
  • Sizes 16-32mm
  • Available Pre-insulated
  • 25yr guarantee
  • Collateral Damage Warranty €2.0 Million